the romanian scene

In only a few years the Romanian scene has become one of the most exciting in the world. Let’s have a look on the strength of this movement.

This minimalist music, both light and mental, focuses primarily on rhythm and repetition, rather than on melodies linear progression.

It has been created by three DJs from the Bucharest underground scene : Raresh, Petre Insperectu and Rhadoo. Since the beginning, this new kind of music started to have more and more adept. The movement has developed thanks to   Riccardo Villalobos, one of the most famous DJ in the world, who started playing this music in his sets all around the world.


The three creators of this music found the label RPR and started to look for other artists, so they could release some records. It has been a huge success: all the records were sold and their price on the second hand market reach 100 € per vinyl.

To concretize this success, they created their own festival in Romania witch welcome thousands of fans from all Europe. This festival is unique because the line up is likely the same every edition. That allows to see the evolution of the artist every year and according to the fans, the last edition in April 2016 reached the perfection.

According to Resident Advisor, a website specialized in electronic music, it’s a big challenge to make people come in Romania, just for a festival with mainly local artist.


The paradoxal thing about this movement is that it is super successful and have a really big community all around the world, but the organizations of the label are the same than at the beginning: there is barely no communication or promotion, the vinyls are pressed locally and in a really small quantities (which is the reason why the price on the second hand market is really expensive).

The three creators of this music are really discrete : they don’t give interviews and are not active on social networks. A certain myth has been created around those three musicians, and some rumors remain. The fact that three young guys have succeeded to create a new kind of music under a dictatorship intrigued both media and fans.

Since 3 years we see new labels of Romanian house born in France, Germany, UK … they do not hide the strong inspiration they took from the original Bucarest trio and some of them have the opportunity to be invited to Sunwaves fest or to release album on RPR.


In the future we can expect a great proliferation of new micro house artist and certainly a first album of RPR.




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